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Executive Charity Rewards and Employee Incentives - Awards and Trophies
Charity Giving Gift Certificates are a wonderful way to add meaning and significance, as we mark the milestones of achievement in our lives. They give the opportunity to be sensitive and think of others, at times we are otherwise focusing primarily upon ourselves.

Whether it is teaching youth this important perspective on life or employers fostering a
corporate culture of philanthropy; charity gift certificates can be an effective way to accomplish this goal. The recipient is actively involved in the charitable giving through their choice of the charity to give the donation to.

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  • Youth Awards and Trophies:
    Giving Gift Certificates are a great way to teach youngsters about "Sharing the Joy". They can be used as a means of recognition for academic achievement or to accompany trophies for participation in sports activities. The research and decision making involved in deciding which charity to designate the gift to, will make a lasting impression on the values and priorities of the young recipient.
  • Corporate and Service Awards:
    A meaningful way to recognize outstanding service and performance. Executives and employees will appreciate this unique gift; either as a 'stand alone' presentation or accompanying any 'standard' award gift item.
    You may email to recipients or print out certificates to accompany presentations at ceremonies and events.
  • Charity Rewards and Employee Incentives:
    Let employees turn their points into charity donations for the causes closest to their heart. Visit our webpage for charity donation rewards.
  • Create Your Own Web Page:
    A special web page may be created for an individual achievement, team or event.
    Click here to Register and Create your own Web page.
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You can also email online gifts, individually or to an entire group, if preferred. is a unique, 100% tax deductible, charity service project of the umbrella non-profit organization, Special Kids Fund.
We are helping to open new vistas for special kids, as an alliance of
children's charities
that provides for special needs and at-risk youth.

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