Local and Additional National Charities - Registration

We have created a way for local and additional national charities to access our service for charitable giving. This also affords gift-recipients a greater range of causes and the ability to direct the funds locally, helping many feel that the impact of their charity gift is more meaningful.

Open to non-sectarian 501c3 organizations, this program enables your charity to be offered as an option for gift-recipients to select when redeeming their CharityChoice Gift Card. Our cards are distributed through many channels; including, our charity e-commerce website, corporate gifts and promotions, credit card reward programs, customer promotions and as employee incentives. As charity gift cards become ever more popular the funds flowing through our service promise to increase many fold in the coming years.

If you would also like to request listing in our 'List of over 250 Charities', consisting of large charitable causes, mostly National and International; send a request to info@charitygiftcertificates.org and fill in this registration form.

Please proceed with this form to apply for listing. You will be notified within 72 hours, if your application is approved.

Redemption and Rewards Points: (credit card and employee incentives)

Your listing will facilitate designation of funds to your charity, by redeemers of our gift cards. Thereby, it also enables the converting of rewards points into a charity donation for your charity. To view many of the credit card and employee incentive programs, for many Fortune 500 companies, that offer our charity gift card as a reward option, visit www.mycharitypoints.com.

Honor Cards:

Your donors can send pre-designated gift cards to friends and family for special occasions. Hundreds of graphics to choose from. The ecard will let them know that a donation has been made to your cause in their honor.

Donate Your Merchant Gift Card:

Accept donations of gift cards from 100s of popular stores and restaurants, visit www.donateyourcard.org.

Note: Applicant may be a local branch of one of the charities on our 'List of over 250 charities'.

Please review our Charity Guidelines
Terms and Conditions (No listing fee, nor charges to the charities; see link for admin fee deducted from donations.)

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