Charity Gifts and Services

Looking for the perfect gift.
A creative, unique gift that will make a lasting impression. Thoughtful and meaningful ...
Adding a charity donation will turn your chocolates into the sweetest ever!

Your friend, employee or business client will be able to select the cause closest to their heart, for the funds to go towards. Over 1000 charities to choose from.


Great messaging and branding with your gifts – login for your special corporate or events account and have a free custom redemption landing page.
Plastic Stock or Custom Cards
Mail merge onto your own business or greeting cards
Download for your printing

These purveyors of fine chocolates offer an option for inserting your business cards.
You may find other chocolate, gift basket and general gift item sellers that offer this option as well.

Including a Greeting or Business Card with your Gift:
  • If you would like to add a custom card or business card to each of your gifts, we are happy to coordinate.
  • Send your cards to us with your order, or contact us for further information.
  • We will include one card per shipment.
  • Please allow 2 weeks to process these custom orders.

Two Easy Ways to Use This Service:

Option #1 - Place your order online then add the corresponding number of business cards to your shopping cart from our Business Card Add-On page.

Option #2 - Call our Toll Free number 1-888-478-7397 to place your order with one of our sales representatives. When placing your order, let us know that you'd like to include the business card service with your order


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my business cards?
A: you can either drop them off, along with your order at a local Purdy's Retail Store, or if ordering online, by fax or by phone, you can send your business cards to:
Purdy's Chocolates,
Gift Delivery Service,
8330 Chester Street,
Vancouver, BC V5X 3Y7.

Note: Please include your order verification number with the business cards

Q: Is there a fee for this service?
A: Yes, there is a nominal fee of $ 0.20 per business card



Custom Chocolate Business Cards, Gold Box

Your custom logo or message will be encased in a gold gift box, along with your real business card. Create a custom mold for your chocolate card or choose one of our stock messages! Packed 50 units per case. Size of each chocolate card: 4" x 2 1/4" x 1/4".

50 unit minimum, $100 one time set-up to create custom mold, 3 week lead time.


-Contact us for further information regarding adding custom cards or business cards to your order.
-We will include one card per shipment.
-Please allow 14 business days to process all custom orders.

-24 units for Brix Bars and Bites
-24 units for Brix Collection Gift Set
-25 units for Brix 2 & 3 Piece Gift Sets
-24 units for Tasting Party Gift Set.


-Please contact our Gifting Specialists for volume discounts on business gifts and large corporate orders.




Each package is made with slots on the back so a business card, special note card, or gift card may be inserted. Why send a card when you can send a chocolate card?