Corporate Campaign for Red Cross

Join your company and fellow employees in furthering the important mission of the American Red Cross. There are many ways you can help. Participating in blood drives, volunteering and contributions that will help in facilitating all of their activities.
CharityChoice ‘Team GivingBack’ Campaigns
Three ways to help!
  • Convert your rewards points into a donation.
    Order a CharityChoice donation card from your rewards program. Login to to redeem using the special redemption code on your card. Select your company’s Campaign from the list of charities to designate the fund towards.
  • Donate to your company Red Cross Campaign.
    Visit and click on 'Make a Donation' in the 'Redeem' box on the right. Select you company’s listing for the online donation with your credit card .
  • Purchase a charity gift card, suggesting your company campaign to the gift-recipient.
    Visit to send a charity gift via email or your Facebook account. You can suggest to your friend that they designate it towards your company’s campaign.

All donations designated to your Corporate Campaign on our website will be sent to the Red Cross in honor of the company and employees.
Thank you for participating in the vital mission of the American Red Cross!