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"Discreet Gifting"

  • Denomination
    The amount of the gift will be undisclosed at redemption. Recipients will appreciate your charity gift, but will be unaware of their gift's actual value.
    If you wish, you can share with them the total dollar amount you have donated (amount of your 'donation/purchase').
  • Download
    After checkout, you will be able to download a CSV file containing the unique redemption codes, the URL and a brief line explaining what it is about. This file is also emailed to you with your receipt.
  • Sending
    E-Mail merge the codes and info from the 'file' download.
  • Custom Redemption Page Wizard
    Login to create a 'Corporate' or 'Special Event' Account to have a FREE custom page. In your account, you can upload a logo/graphic, caption and select a group of charities to highlight to your recipients.

Bulk Pricing

Number of CodesPrice
100 or less$5 per code
101 - 150$500
151 - 500 $1250
501 - 1500$2500
1501 - 5000$5000
Over 5000$1 per code


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