Tzedakah in Eretz Yisrael - Support Israel
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The most thoughtful and meaningful present your family and friends will receive this year!
Benefit the People and Land of Israel with this gift:

100% tax-deductible gifts, where you are the donor and the recipient chooses the charities.

A wonderful holiday gift, for any special occasion. Be proud to support Israel.
The most thoughtful and meaningful present your family and friends will receive this year!
These eGifts, with beautiful scenes of holy sites in Eretz Yisrael and artistic biblical graphics, bring an aura of spirituality to your gift.
The gift-recipients share in the charitable giving by selecting the specific charities that will receive the donated funds.

eGifts have the option to 'Send now' or 'Send later'; or can be posted, at our checkout, on your friend's Facebook wall.
You can also order physical cards or download a pdf file to print them out from your computer. Make your donation purchase now!

Support Israeli Charitable Causes:

Options to offer for redemption:
When ordering your cards, you will be able to choose one of the options below, in the shopping cart.
  • Israeli charities exclusively
  • Israeli charities and our other 12 categories
    250 major charities and hundreds of local causes.
    Organized into disaster relief, elderly, hunger,
    health & disease, animals, environment, military charities, children, and more;
    something meaningful for everyone.
    of American and worldwide causes.

10 carefully selected, most worthwhile charities, that your gift-recipient can choose from; helping the hungry, orphans, victims of terrorism and their families, disabled, injured soldiers and emergency services.

Many lend their unique expertise internationally and provide emergency teams to help disasters worldwide. They provide care to all in need, regardless of race, nationality and religion.

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Options to send now, send later, print or post on Facebook

Recycled card stock charity donation gift cards to support causes in Israel. Best Israeli charities are represented. Perfect Hanukah or Christmas present.
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- Printed on recycled card stock
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They will also offer the 10 Israeli charities for redemption, supporting the Land of Israel.

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Red and green holiday motif and stocking stuffer cards

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Great for family and office parties!

Michael Medved
Michael Medved
“The CharityChoice Israel Aid gift card is a great way to choose a wonderful gift and show your support for Israel
at the same time.”