Group Fundraiser - Charity Gift Card for Clubs, Schools, Communities and Memberships
CharityChoice on Consumer ReportsWhen meaningful matters...

CharityChoice donation gift cards. Now your group or community can take advantage of this unique way of gift-giving to benefit your organization.
The gift cards can be redeemed by the gift-recipient for over 250 major charities and many local causes.

Gift cards are in the TOP three most popular gifts...
what is a better, more meaningful gift than a charity gift card?
  • Use the charity gift card as a gift to family and friends for holiday, birthdays and any special occasion.
  • Supporters purchasing the cards can use it as a way to participate in your campaign or event.
  • Your group can also sell them within your community; at sports and booster events, grocery stores, florists, banks and fairs.

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How it works:
  • REGISTER your Group with CharityChoice
  • ORDER cards at a 50% discount.
  • SELL the cards for the full denomination amount, as printed on the cards.
  • Your club uses the 'profit' for your organization.
  • The purchaser gives a most meaningful holiday or special occasion gift, that is 100% tax deductible.
  • The gift-recipient redeems their half of the value for the causes they wish, which also includes your cause as a choice.
You, once again, gain a reputation for creative, meaningful and profitable initiatives.

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Consider this option …

Community Fundraiser
Your local club can become a catalyst for charity funding (as well as your own) in the community.
This is wonderful PR and puts your club in a position of prominence in the eyes of the community-at-large.
6-15 local charities are the ONLY choices for redeeming this card.

A local company may even sponsor the card (bank, large company with a presence in the community).
Get a custom co-branded cards and a custom landing page with branding for all involved.

Raise considerable funds through a community-wide campaign!

50/50 Group Fundraiser
Half for your organization, and...
Half for the charities the gift-recipient chooses, making this a wonderful gift, since they get to pick something close to their heart.
Your cause appears as the 'Featured Charity'

Your group buys the gift cards for half price and sells them for full value!

All for a good cause!

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"The best gift EVER! Thank you so much for allowing me to help someone else."

"This is a great idea, and reminds us that we really don't need some new material thing. It's best to give to those who really need it."

"Everyone thought this was a very unique gift… we’re thinking of using these every year for the holidays."

"We felt really good about giving your cards. Ultimately, someone who needs it will benefit."

What is a charity gift card?

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