Charitable Wedding Registry and Bridal Favors

For Your Special Day ...when meaningful matters!

Select your own list of charities to create a lasting memory ...
Wedding Registry


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Step 2
Pick the charities from the 'Add a Charity' button to share with your family and friends. (we suggest three charities)

Step 3
Email/Text the links for the charities (copy and paste or download to email-merge), inviting them to honor your occasion with a charitable donation.

They, in turn, can pick the charity they wish to donate towards; sending you an HonorCard noting their donation and best wishes.

You will receive CharityChoice HonorCards via email or text, with a greeting, image and message sent to you by invitees, sharing their donation and personal good wishes.

Enjoy receiving Honor Cards for your special day!

NOTE: You can login later (to your account) for a running tally of donations and which charities have been donated towards.

Bridal and Dinner Favors

Purchase bridal shower and party favors as a special honor for your guests, or give an elegant customized certificate as a charitable presentation to your wedding party.

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This registry account will store information on the charitable gifts you have been given.

What a wonderful new horizon in your relationship, as you decide together which causes are most meaningful to benefit at this special time in your lives.

Pick the causes closest to your hearts ...when meaningful matters!