Super Bowl charity donations for Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Super Bowl Charitable Party Favor idea that you guests will enjoy the most. Donations to food banks, Red Cross and American Cancer Society.
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Charity Party Favors
Donate Retail and Restaurant Gift Card Balances
Top pick for your Holiday donations. Give a charitable gift towards causes, who are renowned for the protection, nurturing and prevention of cruelty to animals. Don’t sell your gift card; donate it!
Support Animal Rights, Welfare and Wildlife Conservation – Help Prevent Abuse
Help rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws and assist shelters nationwide. Donate to conservation and protecting wildlife around the globe.
Millions of Americans aren't playing their cards right.
In fact, we've left more than $44 billion on the table, in the form of unused gift cards,
according to a new study, and an additional $2 billion every year.
"People are letting cash slip away that they could be using FOR THE GREATER Good!

40% of gift card recipients do not use the total value of the card.
American households have an average of $300 in unused gift cards.
Donate to help provide animal shelters, wildlife conservation and the humane prevention of cruelty to animals.
Donate your merchant gift card or any residual balance from 100s of popular stores and restaurants benefit the humane treatment of animals. View Merchants List
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The best, most thoughtful holiday donation to charity for Christmas or Hanukkah.
Let's Card Party
Turn your party into the most stupendous event ever!
Great party idea for Birthday, Holiday, Super Bowl Parties and sports event get-togethers.
Everyone brings any unused gift cards with them, to give the balances to charity.
Donate any remaining balances to a great cause!
More creative than any party favors, let’s your guests do the giving!  Help the protect and promote animal welfare with your donated merchant gift card balance. Don’t sell your gift card; donate it!
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