Send a free Father’s Day video greeting, to let your Dad know that he is the greatest and best Dad, coolest of all. Happy Father's Day with a FREE video
Share your message with Dad and Grandpa.
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Different sending times, greetings, messages, donation amount and eCard styles

If you wish to upload a file containing a list of recipients with an option for unique greetings, messages, donation amounts, eCard style and/or schedule sending times for each recipient, click on the button below.

Multiple Recipients
Same sending time, message, greeting, donation amount and eCard styles

If you wish to have the same greeting, message, donation amount, eCard style and sending time for all of your recipients, fill them in here on this page, and then click 'Next'. You will have the option to upload a file containing your list of recipients in the next step.
Greeting: appears as bolded text
Example: Salutation or Description of the Occasion. No html tags allowed.
This is your personal message to the recipient(s). No html tags allowed.
Donation Amount:
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($2 and up, including 'other’ – to set a custom amount)
If you plan to print these cards, you may wish to include the name of the recipient in the Greeting or Message fields.
All major credit cards accepted
All major credit cards accepted