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Donate Your Card enables the public to exchange their retail gift cards for a charity donation. CharityChoice uses CardCash, a leading reseller of gift cards, to get the best return for the donations, so that charities realize the maximum benefit. Donations are 100% tax deductible for the full face value of the card or its actual residual balance.
Once the card is donated, donors should no longer use the card, and please wait for a final verification email from CharityChoice with instructions to destroy the card.


Donors can select up to three charities the funds will go towards; exclusively, from our list of over 2500 worthwhile causes.
Donors reaching our site via a link from a charity member website, will automatically have their donation go towards that charity.


Funds are distributed to the charities on a quarterly basis. The charities will receive your name and email address, so that they can identify and contact donors.


Note: Please consult your tax advisor, as to your claiming a tax deduction for your donation.
Donations of retail gift cards are 100% tax deductible donations and are non-revocable. Cards are transferred, at a favorable bulk rate to our reseller, CardCash, to convert into cash for distribution to our charity partners.


Funds are distributed quarterly, with Charity Gift Certificates/Special Kids Fund, our nonprofit 501(c)3, deducting a 10% administrative fund-raising and marketing fee from the resale value.
Only charities on our charity list may be designated to receive funds from your donation.


Please consult your tax advisor, as to your claiming a tax deduction for your donation.


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