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Charity Gift Cards and HonorCards

Need to find a gift for someone who has everything? Give a Charity Gift Card. Much like retail gift cards, they are given to celebrate birthdays, holidays, a job well done, or other special occasions. Community Foundation Gift Cards benefit your community and can be redeemed to any charity listed in the foundation's selection.

Purchase Charity Gift Cards

Charity Gift Cards can be sent as eGifts, posted on Facebook or received as physical gift cards. When you purchase a Charity Gift Card you also receive a tax deduction. eGifts for $2 and up, physical gift cards $5 and up. To get started, click the Purchase button.

Donate with HonorCards

Make your donation to a particular charity 'in honor of'.
Send our eCard - HonorCard to the honoree, for a special occasion or send in sympathy - $2 and up. Make your donation to the Community Foundation, selecting from our important community-wide programs –'in honor of'. Send to honoree, for a special occasion or in sympathy - $2 and up

More Ways to Donate

You can also donate by using your bank rewards or incentive points for a CharityChoice Gift Card. Once you receive the card, enter the code on this page to donate to a local charity.

Customer Service

Your charity gift cards will be mailed to the address provided, by the next business day following your order. Questions? Contact us

Private Label Charity Gift Cards

Private label the Charity Gift Card for your company. Click here for customized cards.

About CharityChoice

CharityChoice, the nonprofit pioneer and a leader in charity gift cards, provides a platform to enable residents to support their community through Community Foundations.

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